Jung-Hye Kwon, Ph.D. Message

I’d like to extend my warmest congratulations to you on the foundation of the Indian Association for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (IACBT). As one of the founding members of the Korean Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I am sure that it has taken coordinated and tireless efforts of a devoted team of pioneers to fulfill this vision. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a set of therapeutic interventions that aims to help individuals to solve problems and change dysfunctional thinking patterns that contribute to maladjustment, mental disorder, and poor health. It is generally agreed that CBT is a dynamic mode of intervention, subjecting itself to a constant process of change to enhance its efficacy and making continual efforts to adapt to the needs of clients in different cultures. India is a country that is incredibly diverse and rich in culture and heritage.

I am sure that IACBT will bring together the necessary resources and expertise in CBT to create a platform for reaching out to those who need help in the community, medical settings, educational, and occupational fields. We look forward to collaborate in our efforts to develop and disseminate CBT practice, training, and research tailored to the needs of individuals in the Asian region.
Sincerely Yours,

On behalf of the Asian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association, I want to congratulate you again and wish you success in your first Conference.
Jung-Hye Kwon, Ph.D.
Asian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association
Professor, Department of Psychology,
University, Seoul, South Korea